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At Dominican Travel Solutions we are number one in honeymoon planning with the best rates in the market so we invite you to explore the options we have for you.

Wedding planner

At Dominican Travel Solutions we take care of planning the wedding of your dreams, with trips organised with everything you need to plan your wedding: from transportation, accommodation, wedding night, event set-up, guest reception, catering and more.

Tourist packages

We create a combination of two or more tourist services to meet the needs of our clients. It can be transfer + accommodation, meals + tourist attractions, city tours + accommodation, etc. By purchasing them together, the price can be more economical.


We offer organised and pre-arranged trips that include a tour of one or several cities, as well as various tourist services. The price normally includes transfer, accommodation, meals and visits to tourist attractions, so our clients will only have to enjoy themselves, after making a single payment.

Cruise Service

It travels over the sea aboard a cruise ship with all the necessary services to stay on board (accommodation, food and attractions). During the tour, the traveller stays for periods of time in ports within the tourist destination visited so that the traveller has the possibility of getting off and getting to know it.

Tourist circuits

It is the combination of geographically separated destinations. They are organised excursions to various cities with regular departures that facilitate the preparation of itineraries for travellers. A tourist circuit starts and ends at the same point and does not pass through the same place twice.

Other services


We look for the best places to stay for our travellers during their trip. Within this service we find: hotels, motels, inns, hostels, campsites, condominiums, timeshares and private homes.


The means of transport is one of the most influential factors when it comes to travelling, that's why we take care to provide our clients with those that guarantee the comfort and safety of travellers. Among the means of transport we provide are aeroplanes, ships, buses and vehicles.


Meals can be included in the accommodation, otherwise we contact restaurants and it is our job to recommend the ideal place for the traveller. These include: breakfast, lunch, dinner (in different plans), lunch or coffee breaks.


Since the traveller is not entirely familiar with the destination visited, it is essential to have information about transfers within the destination. This includes transfers within the city, between the hotel and the airport, landing stages, ports and train stations.

Car rental

Also included are cars or trucks equipped with beds and general camping equipment and motorbikes for leisure activities.

Bus rental

When organising group trips, at Dominican Travel Solutions we have the facility to obtain buses with full space. They are available in a wide range of models, prices and features.

Tourist guide

Staff with professional knowledge of two or more languages, as well as of tourist sites. Their services are generally integrated into excursions, tourist circuits, conventions, congresses, etc., although they can also be requested on their own, in the case of packages, individual or business trips.

Travel insurance

It is a kind of contract in which the traveller is covered in case of an incident: from physical accidents, lost luggage, health problems and missed flights. They are a way of providing security to the customer.

Visas and permits

Although these types of services are processed directly by the foreign affairs secretariats or international consulates, Dominican Travel Solutions can be a means of information and a link to obtain them more immediately.

Congresses, seminars and conventions

Events in which we can participate from the organisation and coordination of tourist services, such as transportation, accommodation, food and room rentals to the sale and offering of tourist tours in or near the location where the event will take place.

Studying and working abroad

We serve as a link for social, educational, labour and cultural services, mainly focused on young people to study languages or specialities in the countries with the native language they intend to learn. And for people over the age of 18 who wish to work abroad.

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